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Profile of Tim Partridge

Tim Partridge

Exec. VP - Products, Technologies - Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Tim Partridge Email :
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Company Name : Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Company Website : www.dolby.com
Company Address : 100 Potrero Ave.
, San Francisco, CA,
United States,
Tim Partridge Profile :
Exec. VP - Products, Technologies - Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Tim Partridge Biography :

For more than 20 years Tim Partridge has helped lead Dolby's mission of enhancing the way audiences experience movies throughout the world. In his role as Executive Vice President Products and Technology Tim oversees the company's development of new technologies and products which include managing the global engineering manufacturing technology and research teams.

Inspired by Dolby's landmark innovations in movies such as Star Wars Tim was instrumental in the introduction and adoption of Dolby SR and Dolby Digital in the European and Asian filmmaking communities. Tim's work on hundreds of movies worldwide helped filmmakers in Europe Hong Kong India and China migrate from mono to multichannel and from analog to digital audio thus raising the quality of film production in those regions.

A UK native Tim arrived at Dolby's San Francisco headquarters in 1999 as Vice President of Marketing before being promoted to Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dolby's Professional Division where he led Dolby's efforts in the cinema broadcast and live sound areas. Tim has also served the company as an applications engineer a film sound consultant and the Director of Film Distribution for Dolby UK. Tim holds a Tonmeister degree from the University of Surrey.

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