Markus Moenig,DivX Inc.
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Markus Moenig
Markus Moenig's Email : Please login
Company Name : DivX Inc.
Company Website :
Company Address : 4780 Eastgate Mall
, San Diego, CA,
United States,
Markus Moenig's Profile : CTO
Markus Moenig's Biography :

Appointed to the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in February 2008, Markus Moenig originally joined DivX in November 2007 during our acquisition of MainConcept.

In his new role, Markus will oversee the development of the DivX technology platform, strategy and system architecture. As the head of our global engineering operations, he will also be responsible for the development of technologies designed to let consumers enjoy high-quality digital video across any device or platform.

Markus has been working on video technology and video related projects since the age of 15. He founded MainConcept in 1993 at age 23, and as its CEO, grew the company into one of the world's leading independent suppliers of award-winning video codec technologies. At age 36, Markus had already accumulated more than two decades of experience in the consumer and professional video markets.

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