Richard Millman,Textron Inc.
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Richard Millman
Pres. - Textron Systems Corporation
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Company Name : Textron Inc.
Company Website :
Company Address : 40 Westminster St.
, Providence, RI,
United States,
Richard Millman's Profile : Pres. - Textron Systems Corporation
Richard Millman's Biography :

Richard Millman is president of Textron Systems Corporation, which also includes HR Textron Inc., Textron Marine & Land, and Lycoming Engines. Textron Systems is a key supplier and prime contractor to the defense and aerospace industry, providing ground- and air-launched munitions and sensor systems; surveillance systems; aircraft, missile, and turret control systems and components; specialty marine and land combat vehicles; and piston aircraft engines. In addition to leading Textron Systems, Millman also serves on Textron's Transformation Leadership Team, comprised of the top executives of the corporation.

Prior to assuming his current position in August 1995, Millman served as Textron Inc's vice president, Office of the Chairman with strategic planning responsibilities, as well as vice president, Operations Services responsible for improving costs and efficiencies across the corporation.

From 1987 to 1994, Millman served as President of HR Textron Inc., a major supplier of hydraulic and electromechanical control systems, engines components and aircraft systems for NASA, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Sikorsky and McDonnell Douglas, among others. He joined Textron after a 20-year career at Avco Corporation, acquired by Textron in 1986. Previously, Millman served on the technical staff at the Mitre Corporation.

Millman received his BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and his MSEE from Columbia University. Millman serves on the NDIA Board of Trustees, the ARDAC Commanding General's Advisory Council, and the Executive Board of the Air Force/MIT/Industry Lean Aerospace Initiative consortium. A former member of the U.S. Rowing Team, Millman continues to compete in U.S. and International rowing events.

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